What qualifications do you require of your applicants?

We only accept the most highly qualified candidates. Miami Nannies requires at least three years of recent, verifiable, applicable experience to be considered with our agency. All of our candidates must be legal to work in the United States and must be CPR and First Aid certified. They must submit to 2 interviews with staff members and pass 2 background checks (explained in detail below.)

What is the candidate screening process?
All applicants must complete each of the following steps in the screening process:

The Application: Detailed applications, outlining the nanny’s biographical information, childcare experience, and work history are reviewed. If they meet our strict standards for longevity and stability on paper we move on to the next step.

Initial Interview: Prior to moving on to any other steps each applicant is first interviewed. We do this to ascertain many things, for example; Are they dressed appropriately for an interview? Do they appear neat and professional? Do they carry themselves well? If they meet these standards we move on to the next step.

Background Investigation: Once an applicant has been initially screened for applicable work experience and legal right to work in the U.S. we perform an initial background check. If the applicant’s background check is “clean” we move on to the next step. Most Domestic Agencies only perform a background check once an applicant is hired. Miami Nannies takes every step to ensure your families safety. We believe any candidate meeting with you whether in your home or elsewhere should have a clear background.

Reference Checking: All references (including letters of recommendation) are interviewed at length by telephone by a very experienced staff member. If the candidates’ references are exemplary we then schedule a second interview.

The Interview: In the process of our conversation with each applicant, we try to get to know them. We ask about their life experiences and what they hope the future holds for them. We have a detailed questionnaire that we complete during the interview process.

CPR Training (Nannies): All nannies are required to be CPR certified or take the CPR class within ninety days of qualification.

Second Background check: Once you have chosen a candidate but prior to their start date, Miami Nannies performs a second Background check with a second company. We take your family’s safety seriously.

How long will it take for us to find the right domestic help?
Each family and position is unique. It is our goal to make a quality lasting placement. We are fortunate to have placed many families within 48 hours of their contacting our agency, while others take up to 3 weeks to find their ideal candidate.

What are the Agency fees and guarantees?
Once you contact Miami Nannies, we either meet with you in person or have a lengthy telephone conversation about your family, your needs and your ideal candidate. During this time we may be fairly informal as to get to know you better. This helps greatly in making a lasting referral. Once we understand your needs, we ask you to sign our referral agreement. We don’t ask our client to complete a lengthy time consuming questionnaire. We get all the information we need with a relaxed in person meeting or phone call. When you select and hire a candidate the remainder of the referral fee is due and the Six Month Referral Guarantee period begins.

NOTE: Certain types of Positions are referred at a higher rate (10-15% of the Employee’s Annual salary). Those positions include:

    • House/Estate Manager
    • Domestic Couple
    • Butler
    • Any Filipino Placement
    • Any Russian Placement
    • Chef
    • Or any other specialized placement

What benefits does a domestic employee expect to receive?
Each situation is different. Some families provide sick days, health insurance and vacation. Some families do not. Jennifer will happily discuss those options with you.